Employee surveys on steroids

Weeve is an conversational feedback platform that enables people leaders to effortlessly engage their teams.

Happy and high-performing teams

Weeve’s emotionally-aware feedback technology empowers managers with the uniquely actionable insights needed to take their teams to the next level!

Give employees a voice

No more surveys! Kim, our empathetic AI colleague, provides your employees with anonymity of a survey and the empathy of a face-to-face interaction. Anonymity + Empathy = Honesty!

Uncover hidden issues

Utilizing cutting edge conversational AI, Weeve turns every response into a full story about the employee experience. 

A clear Path to Improvement

Weeve provides people leaders with a specialized toolset that engages employees in solution building, ensuring all their issues are being solved.

One-click integration with your messaging platform:

SMS, Email, and more...

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