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Transform Healthcare with Consultant Partnership

Shape the Future of Healthcare as a Consultant Partner

Amplify your impact and drive change with's revolutionary nurse turnover predictive tool.


The Difference

With our AI-driven solution, you can address the complex issue of nurse turnover in a simple, yet remarkably accurate way.'s tool utilizes just 10 straightforward questions, completed in under 5 minutes, to predict turnover trends and enable your clients to craft targeted, impactful retention strategies.

Why Partner with 

By partnering with, you can bring an innovative, high-value solution to your clients at zero cost. Our solution's retail value is $60K, a testament to its transformative power. Moreover, this collaboration opens up a plethora of consultative opportunities for your practice, reinforcing your status as a trusted advisor in healthcare.

Your Role, Simplified

As a consultant partner, you'll play a critical role in linking and your clients, introducing them to a game-changing solution. From facilitating initial demonstrations to ongoing dialogues, we'll work together every step of the way. And the best part? You can leverage the insights our solution generates to uncover and seize further consulting opportunities.




  1. Why are you providing such a significant service for free? What's the catch?

  2. What's the cost of becoming a consultant partner?

  3. How does the partnership work?

  4. What's the benefit for my consultancy?

  5. How can I ensure my clients will see value? 

  6. What sets apart in terms of experience, expertise, and results in the healthcare sector? 

  7. How can I start the partnership process?

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1. Why are you providing such a significant service for free? What's the catch?

2. What's the cost of becoming a consultant partner?

 There is no cost to you, ever.  As part of an exclusive, jump-start opportunity for select partners, your clients can experience the benefits of the first step in our solution,’s predictive tool, for free. We're so confident in our solution, that we are ready to invest in its success.


3. How does the partnership work?

 You act as a liaison between us and your clients, assisting in initial demos and discussions. After implementation, you'll find a wealth of consulting opportunities arising from the insights we generate. When your client engages our full solution, you receive passive, recurring revenue and access to ongoing consultative opportunities. 

4. What's the benefit for my consultancy?

 Apart from offering a cutting-edge, high-value solution to your clients, you can capitalize on the flood of consultative opportunities and earn ongoing revenue when your client adopts our digital change management solutions.

5. How can I ensure my clients will see value?'s predictive tool not only targets the challenge of nurse turnover but enables your clients to craft precise, effective retention strategies, leading to enhanced patient care and financial stability. 

6. What sets apart in terms of experience, expertise, and results in the healthcare sector?

Our team at combines a wealth of experience and expertise across healthcare, enterprise AI, and business scalability. We're all multi-time startup founders with proven track records in building robust healthcare technology solutions. 

Our solution is proven to significantly accelerate the issue-to-action timeline, reducing a typical period of 1.5 to 2 years to just 1 to 2 weeks. This results in a significant reduction in turnover rates, allowing healthcare facilities to operate more efficiently and effectively. We've seen help hospitals speed up their timelines by 18X and sustain up to 50% lower turnover in certain departments than the industry average.

We're already working with prominent systems like St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Lahey Medical Center, and Paradise Valley Hospital. 

The team is a powerful blend of entrepreneurial spirit, healthcare industry expertise, and technological prowess. Our leadership includes a multi-time CEO with experience in managing significant health tech projects, a Chief Revenue Officer with a two-decade-long track record of developing robust consultant networks, a product head who has successfully launched numerous Fortune 60 and large government products, and a CTO with an impressive resume in AI/ML and healthcare technology. Their collective mission is to drive transformation in the healthcare industry with the unique advantages of

Our understanding of the healthcare market, AI capabilities, and business scaling strategies set us apart, positioning to revolutionize nurse turnover management in healthcare.


7. How can I start the partnership process?

 Simply reach out to us or schedule a time to meet  <HERE> for a no-obligation demo to explore the opportunity and evaluate if our collaboration will be mutually beneficial.


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Feel free to contact us at or 252-389-9263.

Together, we can shape the future of healthcare. 

Still have questions? We are happy to hop on a call. <schedule here> 

A few more questions we often receive: 


  1. What exactly does offer that differentiates it from other healthcare solutions in the market? 

  2. What kind of support will I receive as a consultant from in order to ensure successful client interactions and implementations?

  3. Can you provide more details about the revenue model for consultants? What are the specific financial incentives?

  4. How can be integrated into existing hospital systems? Will it disrupt day-to-day operations?

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