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Our Story

Between increased regulations, slashed reimbursements, years of constant fire-fighting, lack of public and political support... It has never been harder to be in healthcare. 


Our mission is to help stack the odds back in your favor.


At Weeve, our focus is more than just helping hospitals solve their people and retention problems. We are here to to fundamentally change the culture of healthcare. 


Yes, the return on investment is significant, but true change goes beyond the bottom line. We want to empower you to get more hours out of the day by knowing which problems to prioritize and when. With our solutions, you can make more informed and effective decisions, gain greater predictability. And most importantly, move out of constant fire-fighting mode into being more proactive and strategic. 


We're beyond grateful for essential and often thankless work that you do. Our passion is in supporting you, making your life easier, so that you can continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our Values

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Our core belief is that real and actionable feedback comes from warmth and compassion.  

Weeve is built with cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing.

Both our product and our team’s philosophy is to iteratively learn and improve.

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