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Capturing Your Employees Thoughts

What can you do to make your team better? Despite what you’ve been told, it’s not about working them harder, but finding a way to work smarter! Knowing what your team wants and feels, acting upon it.

The new report helps you identify challenge areas in your teams so that you can create actionable insights on them. In doing so, you can promote a better work culture as your employees feel taken cared of and listened to. This strengthens the level of “psychological safety” in teams.

The term was coined by Amy Edmondson, a professor at Harvard Business School. Psychological safety refers to the level of confidence a person has in their team that their thoughts will be heard and respected and that they will not be embarrassed, rejected, or punished for voicing out their opinions. It is crucial, according to Edmondson, that you learn how to develop this safety to improve work culture and employee retention rates.

Once you gather feedback from your employees, you can start to work on the solution. The problem will be presented to you in an anonymous fashion, you just have to fix the problems.

Weeve offers real-time performance of the organization when it comes to people and culture. Allowing you and your team to deliver on the most pressing issues.



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