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DE&I, Using Data To Improve Your Profits

Creating a workplace culture focused on your people will not only enhance your employees' experience has a direct link to employee retention, increase productivity and ultimately higher profits for your organization.

Kim, Weeve’s anonymous chatbot, aids your organization by providing you insight into your organization's DE&I issues.

Businesses that take advantage of the DE&I issues in the workplace set themselves up for productivity down the road. Improved employee satisfaction since their workforce will feel cared for, validated, and know that their opinions are important and considered.

Kim will partner with your business by listening, engage, act, and measure feedback and their progress.

Are you ready for the quality DE&I dataset to allow your company to thrive, Weeve’s proven model of Issue-to-Action (PDF download) solution to help with one of the bigger issues in the workforce today.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging focuses on ensuring a company’s workplace is diverse and that all employees are presented with the same chances. Employees should feel empowered, and the company should strive to create a culture that makes others feel comfortable being and expressing who they are as individuals.

A recent Gallup study shows a diverse workforce is outperformed non-diverse workforces productivity by 147%.. Numbers like that should take your DE&I efforts from a “want” to a “need”, this will allow your organization to be positioned for growth. Understanding your employees, making changes based on feedback is key to fix your organization’s DE&I initiatives.

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