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DEI Effectiveness - HR Workplace Analysis

Weeve sponsors and provides the back end results for the recent Best Practices in Human Resources survey to discover the processes and initiatives being used to improve DEI practices in the workplace.

Does your workplace have effective DEI initiatives in place? Would you like to learn about the best practices used by other HR departments? Best Practices in Human Resources has released a new survey that invites participants in the HR industry like you to answer questions regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion at the workplace. Visit for more information. The survey has been designed to help provide an insight into the overall trends and statistics regarding how businesses are currently working on DEI in their workplace. The need for implementing processes and procedures for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is an ongoing process, with many companies becoming more aware of its importance in recent years. However, knowing the best ways to ensure your business is working towards its DEI goals can be challenging. The new survey from Best Practices in Human Resources offers a detailed analysis of what human resource departments are doing regarding DEI and the current trends in this area. This resulting information will be used to help inform HR departments and business owners on the best steps they could be taking in their own workplace. As a human resource employee, you are also requested to answer process-specific questions on what initiatives are being undertaken within your company and how often training is taking place to educate its employees on DEI matters.

Weeve has a full solution to help organizations gather details anonymously inside your organization to put a finger on exactly what is happening behind the scenes, such as your gender identity, race, and age that can often be negatively targeted in your organization. The data you gather is can make or break your culture, your reputation and in many cases, it is the first step to eliminating any sort of bias inside your organization. Weeve has embedded a unique escalation feature that allows individuals immediate help if they are ever put in an unsafe situation.

Gathering a diverse range of feedback from individuals for a more accurate and unbiased representation of the team. Weeve is committed to improve DEI awareness and processes across the HR industry and is proud to sponsor the Best Practices in Human Resources program.



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