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Empathetic Employee Feedback/Team Improvement During Transition

Looking for a way to better your office culture? Weeve can help you to gather actionable data from your staff based on their needs, skills and emotions!

Are you tired of surveys in the workplace? Want to manage your team organically to create an environment that’s comfortable and successful? Weeve’s cutting-edge system could help! Weeve, a conversational feedback platform for businesses, has launched updates to its services and products online. The company specializes in the use of emotionally aware feedback technology to help manage teams and offices. The newly updated services offer businesses a unique and innovative way to gather feedback and gauge an employee’s experience as the pandemic slows down and offices begin to re-open. Weeve was founded on the idea that though many businesses strive to understand their employees and improve their culture, getting a truly honest, unbiased response from staff can seem impossible. The company promotes the concept of every employee having a safe, anonymous voice where they can raise concerns without fear. Combining innovative technology with an empathetic AI called Kim, the company uses a chatbot to gather feedback from your staff through simple organic conversation. Kim collects information regarding the individual’s skills, preferences and interests to determine their proficiencies and assess how well your teams are working together. This data is then used to determine gaps in teams and organizations, which can then be actioned. Action taken can also be assessed by Kim, as the AI continues to engage with staff and monitor the results. Capable of integrating into major messaging platforms, Kim works on the understanding that your employees are more than just numbers: they’re individuals. By providing an anonymous person to talk to that can respond empathetically, Kim can analyze not only what a person says, but how they are feeling. The AI does this based on an individual’s word choice, which can then provide actionable insights to improve your workplace culture. Weeve's commitment to providing real actionable feedback from staff that’s built on understanding and compassion to improve not just team working but the overall workplace environment. Co-Founder Vivek Mehta said: “Weeve uses empathetic and network analysis technologies to identify which teams are working well, where the organizational gaps are, and what actions need to be taken. We help to take the guesswork out of action-planning.” Weeve is the company you can trust to help you develop a truly better workplace environment that’s based on how your staff are feeling, not cold survey data.



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