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HR Needs The Right Tools

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

A major advantage of the Weeve platform is its capability to sift out data generated through conversations to produce relevant information with practical value. These insights can help you and your HR department to get a complete picture of a team’s level of satisfaction.

Weeve utilizes a mixture of sentiment and emotional analysis technologies to identify your workers’ content with their interaction with you and other teams within the company, and with the software they use. The cutting-edge software can filter critical data about employees’ emotions, challenges, needs, motivation, and commitment that can help reveal organizational gaps to be gradually filled by HR.

Conversations within the platform are led by Kim, an AI chatbot that can be integrated into multiple messaging applications to allow your employees to share anonymously their thoughts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Weeve offers a wide array of pre-built topics that your employees can use to conduct human-like conversations with Kim or have a custom chat on any subject.

In today’s digitalized world, where information is instantly available, employees seek guarantees that they have a voice in the workplace and expect management to actively listen to what they want to say. Outdated HR processes are no longer effective in modern, people-focused organizations seeking to advance their digital transformation and create a strong workplace culture.

By digitalizing HR processes and streamlining feedback gathering, you manifest your willingness to proactively involve staff in corporate decisions and make appropriate changes.

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