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The Future of Employee Engagement - Gen Z:

Company demographic mixes are changing rapidly at the generational level. As Generation Z is entering the workforce with new tech and work expectations, its up to agile companies to reshape their employee experience or else get left behind.

As companies are just starting to understand how to management their millennial workforce, Gen Z students are entering the workforce with vastly different employment expectations. This digital-from-birth generation expects to have a personalized experience in every facet of their workplace. A simple paycheck is their ’nice to have’ criteria whereas, steadfast culture and pride in their jobs are key to retention. With Gen Z making up more and more of today’s top young talent, businesses must first understand how to successfully manage and retain these new employee, who before long will make up the majority of the workforce. 

Personalization is king

Older readers may find the idea of personalized ads or monitoring shocking, but millennials and Gen Z’ers have never known a time without those. Translating this experience into the workplace, these employees need tailored work experiences that are hyper focused on individual goals and career trajectory. 

So if that is the base requirement for this new wave of employees, how can companies surf that wave and understand what exactly their younger employees want? Successful companies will turn to emerging technologies in the fields of data collection and analytics to help with this HR change. Always on analytics tools that can capture employee feedback at scale and provide intuitive learnings to managers at an individual or team level will be critical for the future of employee engagement. Leading HCM solutions allow HR and managers to make the workplace more human and personalized, and analytics and feedback tools are starting to do the same.

Humanize the conversation 

Not only is Gen Z setting new expectations for when and where they want to receive content, but they are changing the game in how they want to consume content. Younger audiences are drawn to more human, conversational content vs. long-form written papers. So say good bye to your 50 question employee questionnaire. HR teams need to rethink the way the communicate and capture feedback from Gen Z workers. The next generation of employees will demand a more engaging, more human way to engage at work and make sure they are heard.


Weeve is a SaaS solution that can help with all your employee engagement needs. Utilizing a first-in-class ML based chatbot named Kim, Weeve allows businesses to have human conversations with employees to figure out workplace issues and solve them faster - all at scale and a price that is right. With Weeve, you can be sure that your employees will be heard and engaged. 



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