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Product Demo: Reduce RN Turnover

Retain your talent and maximize the potential of every nurse.

  1. Identify who’s at risk of leaving.

  2. Understand why they're going to quit.

  3. Solve the issues causing turnover.


You'll learn about:

  • Our 3-step methodology to reduce employee turnover and boost performance.

  • How to drive change at all levels of your organization

  • How to identify and solve employee issues 18X Faster

Are you ready to drive results?

Nurse Turnover is at a record high. The average hospital system has replaced 89% of staff in the last five years. This is no longer just an expensive problem, it's become existential.

Many organization throw money at the problem but fail to see results. The problem? They don't know who's at risk of leaving, why they're

going to quit, or how to solve the underlying issue.

See how Weeve answers these questions and more. Learn how to position your influencers for success, identify issues before they become incidents, and create a work environment that leaders and employees love.

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