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Exclusive Staff Retention Offer
Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a People Transformation Platform that helps hospital systems reduce their nurse and doctor turnover by up to 25% under norms. We identify who is about to quit, why they plan to leave, and rapidly implement solutions to transform burnt out, at-risk individuals into happy and high-performing nurses. has been implemented at large health systems like Prime Healthcare, Beth Israel, and St. Elizabeth Healthcare.


What is the Exclusive Staff Retention Offer?

Our Turnover Risk Analysis, normally valued at $60,000+, is a limited time offer available to eligible healthcare organizations at no-cost. 

Is this offer really free?

Absolutely! This exclusive offer comes to you completely free of charge. In exchange, we kindly request permission to document and showcase your experience as a valuable case study.

What specific benefits or services will we receive at no cost?

Eligible organizations will receive:

Organizational Network Mapping: A unique method of mapping the core people dynamics in a hospital like; decision makers, mentors, collaborators, trust networks, information sharing networks, emotional support networks, etc.

The data for this analysis can be collected in one of two ways:

  1. A one-time 10 question survey with staff

  2. By sharing your past two years of Time & Attendance, HRIS, and historical turnover data

Network Insights and Findings Report: A comprehensive deliverable that is created by running our proprietary algorithm on top of an Organizational Network Map. By running over 60 thousand calculations, we can provide the following insights:

  1. Turnover Risk: A ranked list of the specific employees who are at risk and why they are likely to quit (Is it burnout, overload, communication failure, lack of sponsorship, lack of emotional support, etc.)

  2. Key Person Dependencies: People who would impact the organization the hardest if they were to leave

  3. Critical Influencers: The individuals driving knowledge sharing, trust, innovation, emotional support, etc. The people who really define the culture.

  4. Hidden Talent: Nascent champions who are driving unseen change on the organization. Individuals who can be empowered to maximize their impact.

  5. Interdepartmental Brokers: Key individuals who connect flow of information between departments.

  6. CMS Correlation: Which relationship dynamics are impacting which key CMS metrics


Strategic Recommendations and Roadmap:  We use the insights from the Network Report to detail specific actions, timeline, and roadmap to;

  1. Drastically improve staff retention

  2. Strengthen teams

  3. Improve communication/collaboration

  4. Develop key leaders

  5. Maximize CMS reimbursement revenue

What's the time commitment? How much work will this take?

We highly value your time and make sure not to waste it. Our services require minimal time commitment and effort from you.

  • A project champion will only need to spend approximately 5 hours to oversee and guide the project to success.

  • Minor coordination will be required with your data team. Either to collect data via survey, or by ingesting from existing data sources. If a survey is conducted, it will take 5-10 minutes of time from staff. If data is being collected for other sources, there is no effort on the staff end.

  • For C-Level and Director-Level stakeholders involved, the only requirement is 1 hour for the Network Insights and Findings Report. And 1 hour for the Strategic Recommendations and Roadmap. 

What results have clients seen?

On average, a mid-size hospital sees ~$1.2M in direct ROI per year when using 


Beyond that, fundamentally transforms and improves hospital culture, turning burnt out staff into happy, high-performing employees. From nurses, to managers, to CEOs -  hospitals love!


What is
What is the Exclusive Staff Retention Offer?
What specific benefits or services will we receive at no cost?
What results have clients seen?
Is this offer really free?
What's the time commitment? How much work will this take?


What’s in this for

Our goal is to share the solution with 10,000 new hospital staff by the end of the year. We aim to enhance our case studies and deepen our relationships with vital partners like yourself. And we are confident that when you experience the valuable insights our solution provides, you will be motivated to invest in our services.


How do hospitals/health systems qualify?

We are seeking hospitals/health systems that would most benefit from our technology, particularly those led by visionaries seeking to innovate around staff retention. 


Book a call to see if your organization is a fit.


How long will this exclusive offer be available?

Once we secure collaborations with 10 hospitals, we will be closing this no-cost opportunity.


Any other questions?

Schedule a call with us to learn more and assess if your clients are a fit for this exclusive offer.

What's in this for
How do hospitals/health systems qualify?
How long will this exclusive offer be available?
Any other questions?
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