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State of the Remote Workplace

The pandemic was full of speculation on the impact of remote work. This report gives you the data on what the impact truly is for executives, HR, and employees.


You'll learn about:

  • The difference in perception between leaders and employees on the biggest challenges of remote work

  • The shocking number of hours managers are spending on average to keep up communications with their remote teams

  • The strategies that leaders have found to be the most successful

Are you ready for flex work?

We wanted to understand how the challenges and cultural shifts resulting from the new normal have been perceived by executives, HR, and employees; What are the similarities and differences?


We surveyed 350 CEOs, HR leaders, and employees across the United States. Each group was asked the same set of questions to measure where everyone is in sync, and where differences in perception lie.

As a result, in this report there are 8 pages of insider info (and some surprising stats!) on the challenges, gaps, and successful strategies in this new world of remote work. We hope this report will help people leaders to understand the concerns they’re up against - and the best path to building strong culture across their disrupted teams as we move forward.

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