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The New World of Remote Work

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

It seems like the world is full of chaos and uncertainty in 2020. The markets are going crazy, the US election cycle is in full swing, and of course, COVID-19 is spreading around the globe.

As the coronavirus named COVID-19 continues to spread and the situation continues to evolve, we here at Weeve understand the delicate yet urgent position that many organizations and teams are in. Like it or not, COVID-19 has forced much of the global workforce to go remote. Indeed, this situation is a stress test for how whole industries must evolve to handle work from home for their employees.

However, this sudden and abrupt transition is not without its risks and challenges. Transitioning from “going to work” to “living where you work” can be a hard one. This is a period of discovery for organizations - for example many teams are burning out on video calls and are returning to voice calls and other innovative tools (source). Without the proper tools in place to manage remote teams, encourage virtual collaboration, and provide constant touchpoints even the best of teams can lose velocity, enthusiasm, and worst of all, talent.

That is why, effective immediately, the complete Weeve platform will be available to new users for free during this quarantine period. Additionally, we're rolled out a set of tools for remote work which will be free and publicly available for all organizations - in perpetuity. We, like you, don’t know what is in store for the rest of 2020. But our mission here is to keep remote workers engaged, happy, and of course, safe.

That is why, effective immediately, the complete set of Weeve tools will be available to new users for free during this quarantine period

If you did not have time for a contingency plan, here it is. Our AI system is designed to engage with your workforce to ensure a connection is maintained and communication is steady while they are out of the office. Now more than ever it is important to invest in the tools that give your employees a strong voice in your organization. Weeve can help them do that, now for free.

Together we can weather this storm. We can’t promise the worst is over or that the markets will bounce back, but we can help your team be stronger and happier. Click here to get started with Weeve for free.



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