Retain your top talent

Weeve helps people leaders to engage employees, address hidden issues, and position their teams for ongoing success.

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Understand Employees

Kim is an AI chatbot that has organic conversation with employees to understand their proficiencies, needs, and interest areas

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Identify Team Needs

Weeve uses empathetic and network analysis technologies to identify which teams are working well, where the organizational gaps are, and what actions need to be taken. We help to take the guess work out of action-planning.

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Succeed Continuously

Kim stays engaged with employees to measure satisfaction, crowdsource solution-building, and to ensure issues are being resolved

Surveys on Steroids

Kim's organic conversation provides a unique combination of anonymity + empathy, which empowers employees to talk about issues that matter the most to them.

Kim integrates into every major messaging platform and is always available to employees, giving your real-time insights

Choose from dozens of Kim's pre-built conversation topics or schedule completely custom conversations on any topic, anytime. 

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Understand what your employees are saying AND feeling

Get complete visibility into your teams. Weeve uses a combination of sentiment and emotional analysis to understand the emotional health and mental state of your workforce. This, in addition to the hard data about skills and capabilities allows you to get a full story about the employee experience.

The true power of Weeve is filtering chaotic conversation data down to the most relevant and actionable insights

Automated improvement workflow

Don't waste valuable time in assessing employees and teams. 


Weeve gives leaders a clearly defined Path to Improvement by providing them with automatic solution-building and check-ins to ensure issues are being solved. 

Weeve can collect and assess data from your entire workforce, so your management and leadership can focus on the things that really matter. 

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