More candid, actionable feedback

Weeve uncovers hidden issues so you can solve problems before they exist!

Give employees a voice

Kim is an always available chatbot that has organic conversation with employees to understand their issues.

Uncover hidden issues

Empathetic analysis identifies unseen employee needs and takes the guess work out of action-planning.

Clear Path to Improvement

An automated workflow that crowdsources suggestions for improvement and ensures issues are being solved.

Surveys on Steroids

Kim's organic conversation provides a unique combination of anonymity + empathy, which empowers employees to talk about issues that matter the most to them.

Choose from Kim's dozens of pre-built conversation topics or schedule completely custom conversations on any topic you choose.

Understand what your employees are saying AND feeling

Get complete visibility into your teams. Weeve uses a combination of sentiment analysis, emotional analysis, and natural language processing to tell a full story about the employee experience.

The true power of Weeve is filtering chaotic conversation data down to the most relevant and actionable insights

Automated improvement workflow

Dumping data on busy managers is overwhelming and ​counterproductive. Weeve gives team leaders a clearly defined Path to Improvement by providing them with a toolset that engages employees in solution-building and automated check-ins to ensure issues are being solved. 

This creates a cycle where employees know their voice is being heard - so they continue to provide feedback in the future. And managers have an avenue to quickly understand and address team issues. Resulting in happy and healthy teams!

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